IPTV is defined as the reliable and secure delivery to readers of amusement video and related services. These services may include, for instance, Live TV, Video On Demand (VOD) and Interactive TV (iTV). According to various reports, global IPTV business currently is over USD 60 billion and its market is forecast to reach USD 93.59 billion by 202… Read More

Internet Protocol television or IPTV is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol networks. IPTV is defined as the secure and reliable delivery to readers of entertainment video and associated services. So why is there so much noise about IPTV? So time is ripe to begin your own IPTV business. One can get reselling business as wel… Read More

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What a messy world online games have become. They were killed by a group of stream snipers a couple of times and were understandably a bit annoyed about it. After a short gunfight in which Summit died but Shroud took their mutual opponent out, Lotoe strolled up and killed Shroud. I wouldn't suggest that he stop streaming the game entirely, but I ca… Read More