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What a messy world online games have become. They were killed by a group of stream snipers a couple of times and were understandably a bit annoyed about it. After a short gunfight in which Summit died but Shroud took their mutual opponent out, Lotoe strolled up and killed Shroud. I wouldn't suggest that he stop streaming the game entirely, but I ca… Read More

Technology infrastructure is just as important as transportation and distribution infrastructure for moving and managing inventory. Creating in-house last-mile strategies increases risk, so more companies will begin outsourcing last-mile delivery service in favor of meeting consumer demands. The Descartes Global Logistics Network Community of membe… Read More

Yesterday, Microsoft announced at Gamescom that over 100 Xbox One games will be enhanced for the Xbox One X when the new console launches in November. 7 for $499, promising gorgeous 4K graphics and a whole bunch of performance boosts for some of your favorite Xbox One games. It's worth noting that even if a specific game is not enhanced to work nat… Read More